Just Go Suck It

Just Go Suck It

Why Use

“Just Go Suck It” kits?

Is your mouthpiece clogged? Shattered cartridge with oil left stuck in there? No one wants to throw away that expensive oil!

If you vape, most likely you have a few “Modern Day Roaches” (1/2 full cartridges opposed to 1/2 smoked joints) laying around the house.

It happens for many reasons.

A faulty/shattered cart, clogged mouthpiece, disposable vape pen battery dies but there is still product trapped inside.

The Just Go Suck it reusable Kit makes it easy to transfer oil from one cartridge to another. Our Custom Kit include a 2.25g glass syringe, 1g cart, 3 Blunt Tip Needles, a workspace, and instructions – All securely packaged in a child-proof box.

So now if you get oil trapped in your vape cartridge, you don’t have to throw it out… you can SUCK it out!

“Just Go Suck It” Plunger Tips

Just Go Suck It

  • The Plunger itself screws together and apart to create an “open”/“closed” environment.
  • ALWAYS ensure the Plunger is “OPEN” when inserting it into the barrel.
  • Then tighten, or “CLOSE” to ensure an airtight pull.

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