You have just purchased the newest must-have accessory in the Vaping Industry!!

JUST GO SUCK iT is the perfect product for a frustrating situation that we have all encountered. It may be a faulty cart, maybe your disposable pen battery died before the product ran out, a shattered barrel, a clogged mouthpiece, or whatever many reasons you may have to transfer oil from one cartridge to another…

JUST GO SUCK it makes it easy to Suck it out so you don’t have to throw it out!


Just   HEAT.   SUCK.   PUSH.   ENJOY!

Heat it.

Heat your oil

Apply consistent heat as you rotate the cart on a battery stick to reduce the oil’s viscosity.


Suck it.


Suck out trapped oil

Using our provided custom needle (after a quick heat blast) place the needle in between the atomizer and the cart wall. Now you can SUCK it out!

Push it.


Now that you have rescued your valuable oil, quickly spit it into the provided reusable cartridge.

Enjoy it!

Enjoy it

Now that you have reclaimed your valuable oil, it is time to enjoy it!

Tips for Suckin’ it
Always practice safety first.

There are plastic pieces where the Luer lock needle and syringe marry.

Use a hairdryer for consistent harmless heat.

We recommend you DO NOT use a torch.

Use heat to lubricate the plunger in the syringe, making it easier to move,

When reusing, make sure to use heat to clear the needle of any cooled oil inside as well as the syringe.

For Thick/High viscosity oils…

* Remove the mouthpiece

* Attach your cart to your battery & secure it upright in the workspace area.

* Pull back the plunger of the syringe to the 2nd or 3rd  small black marking on the back. This will create an “air pocket” you will use later.

* Using your blow dryer on high heat, apply heat directly to your cartridge. (Depending on how thick your oil is, you should start to see the oil loosen within 10/20 seconds).

*As soon as you see the oil change/move more freely, place your needle in the way of the heat and the cart for approx 10 additional seconds (Needle must be hot when SUCKIN’ iT!).

* Quickly place the hot needle into the loosened oil.

* Push the small amount of air from the syringe into the puddle, when the oil puddle settles back…Just Go Suck it!!!

*Immediately disperse the rescued oil into the provided replacement cart.

*Repeat the process until all of the oil has been reclaimed.

*When you get to the bottom of the puddle, straighten your cart/container to extract the remainder at the very bottom.

*Immediately disperse oil into the cart while it’s still warm. 

*When filling your cart, be sure to leave a tiny space between the needle and the bottom of the cartridge to allow the contents to flow thru the delicate needle effortlessly.


Turn Just Go SUCK it into… Just Go PUSH IT!

If you like to purchase applicators, this is for you!

Ever notice with applicators there is still oil stuck in the spout?

Plus, the needles they (sometimes) provide are way too large to dispense into the tiny cartridges so it is normally a sticky mess!

Try this out instead…

*Secure your syringe with the plunger side up then loosen and remove the plunger.  
It’s also recommended you remove the needle to avoid accidental damage.

*Take your applicator and carefully steady it on top of the syringe barrel.

*, PUSH the applicator oil into the Just Go Suck syringe.

*Apply a small amount of heat to get every last drop of oil from the applicator into the syringe.

*Attach the needle and reinsert the plunger into the Just Go Suck its syringe.

*PUSH the oil through our no-mess needle and fill up your cart!

*remember to clear leftover oil from the needle.


The Plunger

Patented Syringe Plunger

Our Patented plunger is like no other. You can twist the plunger to initiate a tighter or looser fit inside the barrel. This allows complete control of the user.



*Difficulty Sucking it?

*Make sure your needle is not clogged then repeat the process by applying heat for a longer amount of time.

*Oil will cool fast so work quickly or you may have to repeat the process.

*If working with a full gram cart…Work in sections!

*Oil will be stored in the needle so clear it before each use.

To help remove the oil, heat it with the hairdryer directly over the replacement cart. The oil will bubble out of the needle and drop directly into the cart.

*Keep your equipment clean and ready for the next time you need to JUST GO SUCK IT.

*Allow the oil to settle/cool for 5 min before consumption.


More questions??

Check out our YouTube Page! We will keep posting new content monthly, so keep checking back!