Reusable Oil Recovery Kit (black packaging)

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We have discounted the Reusable Kit to reflect the removal of the Vape Cartridge.
Thank the Feds for that one!

So, just choose one of your favorite reusable carts from your graveyard and follow the processes the same way!

Just Go Suck it is a simple way to rescue the left-over (trapped) oil in your vape pen cartridges.

Our reusable must have accessory comes in a child-proof package with a custom 2.25mg glass syringe, THREE Blunt Tip Needles, a workspace, and detailed instructions.

CBD, THC, Nicotine juices, Vape Pen Liquids, whatever your choice may be, Just Go Suck it makes it easy for you to manage your vaping liquid needs.

So gather your "Modern Day Roaches" (half full cartridges laying in the ashtray or around the house), cartridge graveyards, faulty carts, clogged mouthpieces, broken disposable pens, and get ready to SUCK it out not throw it out!

Just Go Suck it makes it easy to merge oil from one cartridge to another.

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1 review for Reusable Oil Recovery Kit (black packaging)

  1. Jennifer

    FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for an easy way to recover that oil! Now I can transfer the old oil and throw those old carts away!

    • Charly

      Thank you Jennifer! We appreciate your support. Now make sure you call a friend a tell them to #JustGoSuckit too.
      Have a happy day!

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