(12) Blunt Tip Needle Replacements


These (6) extra luer lock, blunt tip cannula/needles will help you to get to the very bottom of your faulty cartridge. They fit in between the atomizer and the cart wall, all the way to the bottom, fitting flat.
This way you are able to evacuate all of the left over oil in your cartridge.

Pull out your #CartGraveyard and little by little, with a simple #HEATSUCKPUSHENJOY you will be mixing the best “salad cart” ever!

and don’t forget to #SuckitB4theHoles 


Blunt Tip Replacement Needles
The cannulas shown are an example of many sizes. The replacement needles will match original needles in your Kit with 1 larger cannula to FILL your carts.

Additional information

Weight0.017 kg
Dimensions24.13 × 10.16 × 0.635 cm


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