Reusable Oil Recovery / Vape Refill Kit (White Packaging)


Easily merge oil from cart to cart with these Reusable Oil Recovery Kits!
Discounted to reflect the missing recovery cart, due to PACT ACT 2020. But, choose your favorite cart from your stash, reuse/recycle, extract your leftovers, and Viola!! The Best “Salad Cart” you’ve ever enjoyed!


Just Go Suck it is a simple way to rescue the left-over (trapped) oil in your vape pen cartridges.

Our reusable accessory comes in a child-proof package with a custom 2.25mg glass syringe, THREE Blunt Tip Needles, a workspace to hold your faulty cart for extraction, and detailed instructions.

CBD, THC, Nicotine juices, Vape Pen Liquids, whatever your choice may be, Just Go Suck it makes it easy for you to manage your vaping liquid needs.

So gather your "Modern Day Roaches" (half full cartridges laying in the ashtray or around the house), cart graveyards, and get ready to Just Go SUCK it.


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