Black Oil Recovery Kit with Glow in the Dark Enamel Pin


Our reusable oil recovery Kit is the perfect accessory to recover the last of the sweet sauce left over in your vape cartridges! It’s also excellent for clearing a clogged mouthpiece, or recovering dab oils from your Rig! Suck out the leftovers and create your own custom cart OR apply the rescued oil onto a blunt! So many ways to save money using our oil recovery kit! How will you enjoy Just Go Suck it?


Vape Oil Extraction Kit

This Reusable Oil Recovery Kit includes a GLOW in the DARK Just Go Suck it enamel pin!! This high quality pin will be the favorite on the lanyard/hat/backpack/car dashboard ect. So now you can take great pride in telling everyone to JUST GO SUCK iT!!!


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