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Just Go Suck It

 Just Go Suck It





Just Go Suck it reusable kits are a convenient way to save the leftover oil trapped in your vaping cartridge. Maybe you have clogged mouthpiece, or a shattered barrel. Maybe the cart itself is faulty. Maybe you cannot stand the taste change once you start to burn below the holes, or just that small amount left over that you just cant seem to throw away?  Chances are, you have that little baggy of 1/2 filled carts laying around your house. We like to call them “Modern Day Roaches” as they have seemed to replace the joint left over of yesteryear.

Whatever the reason…if you have oil trapped in your cart don’t throw it out…SUCK IT OUT!!



The Just Go Suck it re-useable Kit makes it easy to transfer oil from one cartridge to another. Our Custom Kit includes a 2.25g glass syringe / blunt tip needle (fits flat between the atomizer and the wall to get the last bit of product out) / 1g (empty) cart / instructions all securely packaged in a child-proof box.

So now if you get oil trapped in your vape cartridge, don’t have to throw it out. . . SUCK it out!





How it Works

Heat it!

Use a blow dryer to heat oil in your used or broken cartridge and slowly rotate it.

Suck it!

Use the “Just Go Suck It” syringe to suck out the remaining oil from the cartridge.

Push it!

Push the salvaged oil into your reusable “Just Go Suck It” cartridge.

Enjoy it!

It is that easy! Don’t Throw it out, Just Suck it out!

“Just Go Suck It” Product Line

remove oil from vape cartridges

Reusable Kits

Must have accessory comes in a child-proof package with a custom 2.25mg glass syringe, empty 1 full gram replacement cartridge, and detailed instructions.

$25 – 45 

Reusable Glass Cartridge

Our custom printed (ceramic 510 thread) cartridges are also reusable!

$6/Sale $4.75


Cotton (blend) T-shirt with heat pressed Just Go Suck it logo.

$25      $22.22

Just Go Suck It
Just Go Suck It

Heat It


Suck It


Push It


Enjoy It

What people that “Just Go Suck It” are saying.

“I have a ziplock filled with vapes that have a little left, I used this to combine them.”

“EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY syringe for getting the last of your dollars out of those old carts.”

“This tiny needle fits all the way down to the bottom of any cart and gets all the left over goodness and not a drop
goes to waste!”

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